What a Timber Frame Home is Like

What is timber framing?

Timber framing is how houses and barns were traditionally built before 2×4″ or 2×6″ framing was common.

Large, load-bearing posts and beams are joined together with interlocking mortises and tenons, held together with wooden pegs or “tree nails”.

In modern timber frame houses, the timber frame is left exposed on the inside, so you can enjoy the beauty of the massive timbers.

Design of timber frame homes

One of the best aspects of a post and beam structure is the design flexibility it offers. Timber frames are often used to create vaulted ceilings that show off the timbers beautifully. The large timber beams allow you to have large open spaces in your floor plan. The frame, rather than interior walls, supports the entire weight of the structure, allowing an open concept home.

The posts and beams themselves can be used to define individual areas within the structure.

Timber frame structures can be finished to styles ranging from historic to traditional to contemporary.

Almost any home design can be adapted to a timber frame – we can modify your existing plans or prepare a completely new design just for you.

All our plans meet or exceed national building codes and standards.

Your structure can include a few components blended with a standard construction frame – see our page on timber frame components, or it can be a hybrid or a full timber frame.

Timber frames can be finished in wood, Gyproc, stress-skin panels, even brick or stone – the options are endless!

Browse our Portfolio for examples of timber frame homes we have built. Also see our Timberframe Houseplans section for ideas. We can build to our existing plans with or without customization, or do a completely custom design.


We can design and build a frame for any residential, historical, commercial or other project, including full and partial timber frames for:

  • One level houses
  • Two storey houses
  • Multi-level structures
  • Barns and garages
  • Out-buildings
  • Cottages
  • Churches
  • Studios (for art, pottery, etc.)
  • Garden sheds
  • Tourist information centres
  • Craft stores
  • Inns, restaurants and retail spaces
  • Commercial and industrial spaces
  • Farm markets

We can also create timber frame components which can be incorporated into new or renovated buildings built with other construction techniques. See our page on Timber frame components for diagrams explaining:

  • Add-ons like sunrooms and “great rooms”
  • Timber frame additions incorporated into new construction
  • Timber roof systems
  • Complete timber floor systems
  • Timber supports for standard floor joists
  • Timber used as a substitute to steel “I-Beams” or glue-laminated beams
  • Timber trusses

Cozy Spaces

We’d just like to mention the cozy spaces that are created in timber frame homes – places that make you want to curl up and just enjoy being there.

For example, in the West Dublin house, a “dust pan dormer” was used to create an interesting third floor attic with an ocean view.