Forrest, we are absolutely thrilled with our timber frame. As you know we took 10 years to reach a decision. During that time we researched other companies. We even rented a timber frame house done by a competitor. My wife and I discovered that large beams don’t necessarily make it a “real” timber frame. Unlike Arlington, there was no classic joinery, and the frame was not even structural. We now refer to these other timber frames as “timber frame style”. We are glad we got the real deal. Who knew we’d find one of the most outstanding timber frame companies going in Nova Scotia!
Bert Powell


Every day I drive to the house site and marvel at how your work exceeds my expectations…. Thanks again, I hope we can work together again soon.
Tim Barker

2007, Peace River, Alberta

We want to thank you the excellent job in creating and erecting this work of art. We appreciate your efforts, and we look forward to doing business with you in the future. Many thanks.
Gordon & Patrice


Even though we are not yet moved in our new house we wanted to let you know how much we have enjoyed building it in stages. We feel this is because it is a timber frame. Each stage of the process was dramatic from the felling of the trees and milling them to following the process as you molded them into our frame.

Then, being there to watch as you put up the frame and having this “sculpture” in our back yard for six months. We enjoyed watching it as the seasons changed, how solid it was during the winter storms, and how powerful it feels when looking at the sky through the beams.

We enjoyed the rapport we had with you on this project and the beauty of your work. We appreciate the continuity of service when you added the final touches last summer. Thank you.

Barbara & Todd