A Timber Frame Cottage of 3 Octagonal Pods near Musquodoboit, NS

This unique and creative project consists of 3 octagonal structures connected to each other by timber framed, windowed, heated breezeways which function as outdoor hallways.

The central octagon, “Pod 2”, is the largest, and contains the living area and kitchen. On one side is an octagon with the master bedroom and a walk-out basement (“Pod 3”). On the other side is another with two bedrooms (“Pod 1”).

Above Left: Standing in Pod 3, looking through Pod 2 to Pod 1 which is being closed in. Right: Pod 3 overlooking the water. We didn’t notice the blocks until we saw the picture. They are attached to the outside of the posts to enable temporary bracing to be fastened during the raising process.

Above Left: Pod 1 is complete, Pod 2 is at the “henge” stage. Right: Lifting the chimney header into place on top of the “simulated chimney” contraption, which will temporarily support the roof until the chimney is built.

Above Left: Pod 2 has been erected, and hip rafters being boomed on Pod 3. Right: Pod 2 complete.