Timber Roof Trusses and Floor Systems to Enhance Your Home

Include some posts and beams when you build or renovate

How to incorporate partial timber frames into a conventionally-framed home

Timber roof systems

A timber roof system can be used in combination with conventional framing to provide the beauty and strength of timbers throughout.

Hip rafter and smaller rafters

In the photo above right, the hip rafter and the smaller common rafters are sitting directly on the stud wall. The drywall is cut around them and a simple MDF moulding cleans it up nicely.

Timber Trusses

A truss system can create a unique vaulted roof for, as an example, a 16' family room wing.

Principal rafters are 8 x 8 or 8 x 10. Purlins are 6 x 6 or 7 x 7, locked with dovetail tenons and oak wedges.

Principal rafters are notched to sit on stud wall. They can be spaced up to 16' apart.

Timber frame truss sitting on stud wall.Right: This is a structural truss that holds up the hip rafters and a good chunk of the roof load. The lower chord (horizontal) actually goes past the post and sits directly on the top of the stud wall. So the post isn't needed to carry weight, but it helps to define the different rooms - an important feature in an open concept design.

Here are a few of the many possible truss configurations:

Timber floors to sit on stud walls

All timbers sit on the stud wall and are capped with a 2x6 shoe.

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