The process of building a timber frame home

Once you have a few ideas in mind and have carefully considered your needs, we go through the following steps:

We'll show you floor plans for custom homes and structures we've previously built - a good starting point for designing your own home. Or start at our Timberframe House Plans site to get ideas.

If you're already working with a designer or architect, we'll consult with them on the design process.

Once you're happy with the design, we'll go over all the unique and beautiful joinery techniques that can be used in your structure.

Upon signing of the contract for the frame, we provide a set of timber shop drawings including a complete floor plan, and can even supply detailed blueprints with elevations, electrical and foundation plans if you wish.

We ensure that all aspects of your timber frame are clear and any concerns you might have are addressed before actual construction begins.

The timbers for each project, crafted from top quality Eastern White Pine, Hemlock, Red or Black Spruce, Douglas Fir, or hardwoods, are hand-selected, sized and marked out for cutting.

These timbers are meticulously cut, sanded, clear stained, treated with an all-natural oil to control checking, then numbered and joined to ensure an accurate fit for on-site construction.

The raising of the timber frame on your building site is an event to remember. Next: The Raising