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Cape Split at high tideWhen we're not building timber frames, we can often be found exploring the nearby Bay of Fundy or other waters by kayak, or building new boats.  This is Cape Split, at right. More on Cape Split below. All Cape Split photos are taken from kayaks.

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New Kayaks

"The Cape Split" kayak

Recovery kayak
(a skin boat). Construction - spruce frame, lashed and pegged, covered with nylon. Pictures are taken in Baxter's Harbour.

Cape Split

Cape Split protrudes into the Bay of Fundy near where we live. The highest tides in the world, powerful currents, and spectacular scenery make the paddling exciting and tricky. The picture at the top of this page shows the tip of Cape Split at high tide. 

"The Sisters"

Left photo: I took this shot at low tide while drifting quickly around the point. Imediately after, I quickly dropped the camera (hanging around my neck) and grabbed up the paddle to keep out of the main rip. Often, this area beyond the point does not go into "slack water" mode at low tide. Right photo: the same place at high tide.

Paddling through the gap an hour after high tide.

Note the differently equiped boats. My paddle float is made from duct tape and and pieces of an old life jacket. The Aleut style paddle is carved from a 2x4.

Left: My friend Bob about to paddle over the ledge and through the rip at Little Split Rock. Right: Over the ledge and through the rip.

Left: The tip of Cape Split at low tide. 

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