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The Buffet timber frame house in Neil's Harbour, Cape Breton

The Cook timber frame cottage near Canning, NS, raised in January 2009.

two dormer timber frame

The Kujala timber frame in Queens Co., on Nova Scotia's South Shore

The timber frame we raised in Peace River, Alberta.

Some joinery details: inside a dormer post

Dormer post joineryDormer post joinery

The Larder/Warren timber frame house in Falmouth NS.

See if you can find the unusual joint in the photo on the right.

Timber frameUnusual joinery

Zoomers from the McQuarrie timber frame in South Rawdon, NS

Left: First bent being lifted up.

In the zoomer you can note the 2x10 temporary "strongbacks & clamps" The rafter/post connection is supported "just in case". The bent will never encounter this type of load when it is in place.

Right: Here we are tying the last bent to connecting girts, top plates, and braces.

In the zoomer, you can see a spike in a brace peg hole, which allows us to make adjustments without letting the brace fall out.