About Arlington Timber Frames, and us...

Forrest Rand

Forrest Rand has been creating fine timber frames since 1985.

He has been fortunate to work with a number of talented people over the years, including long time framer and former partner Michael McMahon.

We have completed a hundred world-class, custom timber framed projects throughout Atlantic Canada and abroad, refining our design and joinery skills and mastering this age-old art of woodworking.

Timber framer Jody Margeson Matt Hart
Jody Margeson (left) and Matt Hart (right) are each cutting one half of a scarfed bent girt today. The waste part of their scarf joints can be seen in the unintentional timber scrap inukshuk seen in the background of the picture below right.

Jody Margeson Timberframer Matt Hart
Jody and Matt cut the joinery, prefit, stain, load and unload timbers, and help raise the frames. They know their stuff.

Ken, the foreman, runs the shop, planes most of the timber, lays out all the joinery, prefits, and raises frames. He knows his stuff.

Designer drafter Marilyn Schofield
Marilyn Schofield has been drafting and designing timberframes for more than 20 years. She knows her stuff.

We enjoy the challenges presented to us by our clients, and we work hard to create a close, professional relationship with each client.

Through our free custom-design service, we work with you to take your ideas and needs to a pre-design conception and price.

And when it comes to price, we believe our experience and ability offers our clients the most competitive advantage available.

In response to demand, we have created a line of smaller timber structures which can be used for a variety of projects. See our Hanover design for more details.

We also build timber frame components which can be used in conventionally-framed houses, whether newly built or renovated.

Our shop is in Sheffield Mills, in the Annapolis Valley of Nova Scotia. You can reach us at:

8946 Highway 221, Canning,
Nova Scotia, Canada B0P 1H0
Tel/Fax: (902) 582-7289

We invite you to explore our site further and learn more about what a timber frame home is like, about the design and raising processes. Visit our gallery and view a few of our past projects. We are also avid sea kayakers, so if you're interested, check out our kayak page.

Thanks, and we hope to hear from you soon!

Forrest Rand
Arlington Timber Frames

Some past crews

Forrest, Ken, Meredith and Mike
Forrest, Ken Terris, Mike McMahon and Meredith Hayes

Forrest Rand, Mike McMahon, Ken Terris
Don Crowell
Don Crowell
Michael Contant
Michael Contant


Left: Jebidiah T. Arlington - our company's founder

Right: Shop foreman Ken Terris

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