Arlington Timber Frame

What is timber framing?

Timber framing is how houses and barns were traditionally built before 2x4" or 2x6" framing was common.

Large, load-bearing posts and beams are joined together with interlocking mortises and tenons, held together with wooden pegs or "tree nails".

In modern timber frame houses, the timber frame is left exposed on the inside, so you can enjoy the beauty of the massive timbers.

Timber frames are often used to create vaulted ceilings that show off the timbers beautifully.

The large timber beams allow you to have large open spaces in your floor plan.

A Joint Offer from Brison Developments/New Valley Homes and Arlington Timber Frames

The Brison Hybrid Series - House Plans

Granville House Plans
NEW!! The Granville
Basinview House Plans
The Basinview
Newcomb house plans
The Newcomb with Hip Roof
Newcomb house plans
The Newcomb with Gable Roof

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